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I offer various products & services, the latest of which centres around modification of the Honda S2000 instrument cluster to allow it to operate in other vehicles - click here for more information.

Additionally I offer reprogramming of Honda S2000 instrument clusters enabling owners of imported cars to switch between mph/kph displays - this is normally disabled on Japanese models.

Fault diagnosis and repair of Honda electronic modules is also a speciality, from engine management systems to climate control, and everything in between. Repairs to aftermarket ECU's and modules (MBE, GEMS, Omex & Weber-Alpha among others) are also accommodated, please contact me for details.

Most of my work tends to involve the engine management & electronic systems of Japanese cars, or transplants & retro-fits of involving Japanese engines in any model of vehicle. This often requires the construction of bespoke electronics to allow different systems to communicate with each other.

For the Honda enthusiast, there is also a technical area with the main focus on maintaining and upgrading 1988-1991 CRX, including detail on Honda's PGM-Fi engine management system.

Take a look at the Latest News page for more info.