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Fitting a Vehicle Speed Sensor

Converting the EE8/EE9 from a cable drive to VSS.


The Y2 gearbox fitted to the EE8/EE9 uses a cable to drive the stock cluster. To fit the S2000 cluster this must be changed for a VSS sensor assembly as used on the Y1 (JDM) gearbox fitted to the SiR model.

You can obtain a VSS assembly from almost any Honda transmission from 1991-1998 as they all use electronic speedo's - use the pictures below as a guide. If possible avoid the early VSS sensors fitted to the EF8/EF9 SiR as they are prone to failure. The type shown here with the connector moulded into the body is the revised version fitted from 1992 onwards, the early type have a cast top cover and flying leads to the connector.

Remember to cut the VSS plug from the loom of the donor vehicle so you have something to connect to!

Although these pictures show the gearbox out of the vehicle It is possible to perform the change with it installed.


Removing the Cable Drive

1. Clamp a set of vise grips (preferably with curved jaws) on the base of the gear assembly. This might seem a little brutal but you have little option!

Use good quality grips or you risk damaging the boss.

2. Using a rubber hammer tap the vise grips to loosen the assembly. Once it it moving work it side to side to free it up, then try lifting it up.

The assembly is only held in my the O ring, however dirt will have jammed things up over time so take it easy.

3. Withdraw the assembly from the gearbox.


Comparing the Drive Assemblies

Note the the bottom half of each assembly is identical. When removing the VSS be careful not to loose the small drive pin.


Fitting the VSS

1. Clean away and dirt in the hole for the drive gear.
2. Push the new drive assembly into the gearbox and twist it to line it up with the bolt hole.
3. Fit the 10mm retaining bolt.
4. Fit the drive pin.
5. Push on the VSS and fit the two 10mm bolts.
6. The new assembly fitted.