S2000 KMH to MPH Conversion


The gauge cluster in a Japanese (JDM) S2000 and some other markets does not have the ability to switch between MPH and KMH, it is hard-programmed as KMH at the factory. The switch that normally allows you to change between reading is disabled.

I can re-activate this switch, allowing you to display KM/H or MPH.

This is an ideal solution for S2000 owners that have imported an S2000 from Japan and require to convert the speedometer to read in MPH, e.g. for SVA purposes.

The conventional solution this is to fit a converter to alter the speed signal going into the cluster from the sensor on the gearbox. This is very untidy - the display will still show KM/H in the display, even through it now reads in MPH. After you fit the converter, the odometer will now read in MPH - unless you know the exact mileage at which the converter was fitted, you do not know the true mileage for the vehicle!

The conversion I offer is considerably neater than installing a converter - it's simply the proper way to do the job.

Odometer, trip counters and speed display can switch "live" between kilometres and miles in the same way as US/European cluster does making for a 'factory grade' conversion. This is a very useful feature should you wish to take your S2000 to Europe etc.

To view a video of a converted cluster switching between KM/H and MPH, follow the link below.

  Filename Size Description
s2000-kmh-mph.avi 2.97Mb

A 2000 model cluster installed switching between KM/H and MPH.

You will need the DivX codec to play this back these videos. To avoid opening the video directly and to download to your machine, right click on the link and choose "save target as".

If your S2000 has already been fitted with an external KPH/MPH converter module the odometer must also be reprogrammed, this is included as part of the service.

Turnaround for this service is fast - simply remove the cluster from the car, ship it out, and you will receive it back within 1-2 working days.

Enable KMH/MPH Switch on JDM Cluster


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