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Top Suspension Arms

Replacing the track control arms on your MK2 CRX / MK4 Civic.



The process outlined here is similar for a wide variety of Honda vehicles, as Honda have used variations of this suspension setup for many years.

I had to replace mine because the ball joint had worn, although the bushes were still in good condition. You will normally find that the left-hand ball joint wears quicker than the right one (at least when you drive on the left) because it catches all the pot holes & drain covers. Because the replacement arms were so cheap I decided to do both sides as the other joint wouldn't have been that far behind the worn one.

This is a simple DIY job and requires nothing more than a basic set of tools, the only even remotely "specialist" item is a ball-joint splitter.

Although it is possible to press out the ball joint from the original arm I have never been able to source these (Honda don't even sell them separately) although with the aftermarket arms being as cheap as they are you may as well replace the whole lot.