Installation Guides

S2000 Cluster Installation Guides


These installation guides are for customers who have had their S2000 clusters converted to refer to.

The guides are written on demand as required by customers. If you do not see your vehicle here, please contact me as an installation guide may be in progress.


Installation Outline - All Vehicles

It is not possible to "plug-and-play" the S2000 cluster. To fit your converted cluster you must cut your stock gauge cluster connectors from your car and splice the wires to the cluster with one of the options below.

This may sound intimidating, however the cluster (when converted) is no harder to install than your average car stereo and is simply a matter of matching the wires on your car against those on the cluster, using the appropriate installation guide.

If you don't feel comfortable with this then a competent auto electrician or car audio installer can install the cluster in under an hour. 

You have a couple of options for connecting the cluster to your car:

Option 1 - If You Have The  Stock S2000 Connectors:
Download the diagram for the model of S2000 cluster you have - either 2000 or 2004, and match up the function of each wire pin-to-pin using my stock diagrams as a reference. I add to the resource of stock diagrams as customers require them.

Option 2 - If You Do Not Have The  Stock S2000 Connectors:
I will have hard wired a new set of connectors to your gauge cluster and supplied mating halves and pins for you to solder/crimp on to your vehicles harness. I customise the way these connectors are wired based on the vehicle in question. This makes for a neat install and saves having to hunt for a set of original S2000 connectors.

Please note that my installation guides show the function of every pin location - certain features may not be present on your car such as seat belt, SRS, ABS warning lights.


Mounting The Cluster

If you intend to fabricate your own mounts for the cluster, be particularly careful of the mounting angle and provide adequate shrouding to avoid reflections on the face of the cluster.