S2000 Cluster Retro-fit

Retro-fitting the S2000 instrument cluster to other vehicles.



The Honda S2000 has a unique, digital gauge cluster that many Honda owners wish to fit in their cars. However the S2000 is a somewhat unique vehicle, and the dash interfaces to the car in a way that greatly differs from Honda's normal methods, past or present. To successfully retro-fit the cluster to a conventional Honda it requires a number of changes.

I offer a conversion service which involves the customer sending me the stock cluster,  I then modify it internally to make it operate with the standard Honda sensors. This is all done inside the cluster, no untidy external units and messy wiring. I offer this service for all variations of the S2000 cluster.

When you receive your cluster back you can wire it up as normal to your car, diagrams and installation guides are provided free of charge. An added benefit of my service is that can reprogram how the fuel and temperature gauge react, and tailor them to your own liking - every car and every owner is different.

Services Offered:
  • Conversion of S2000 cluster to operate from standard Honda sensors.
  • Odometer reprogramming.
  • Enable KPH/MPH switching function (disabled at factory on Japanese market clusters).
  • Alteration of "red-line" area on rev counter.

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