Kenwood KDC-MP6090R

Replacing a broken ribbon cable.


After 5 years of use my Kenwood KDC-MP6090R "Mask" head unit would not turn on one morning and had no signs of life at all.

This head unit uses a plastic ribbon cable to connect the front panel - these cables are a common point of failure and can only take so much use before they break. This head unit is particularly hard on the cable because the front panel can flip round 180 degrees.

This arrangement is used on a number of Kenwood head units, some of which have motorised front panels. The procedure is more of less the same for all Mask units although be sure you get the correct ribbon cable.

You can clearly see the break in the cable here.

Replacing the ribbon is fairly simple although you will need a degree of skill in soldering. You can buy the ribbon cable with a new socket already fitted which makes the process even easier.

Tools required

  • New ribbon cable, part number J84-0121-12 (12 on eBay).
  • Miniature screwdriver set.
  • Temperature controlled soldering iron with needle point.

The entire process should take about an hour.